1. Jobs With Common Workplace Injuries

    We’re all liable to suffer an accident at work, but some accidents in some workplaces can be costlier than others. While there are some jobs like police officer or firefighter that immediately come to mind when we hear the word “dangerous,” there are quite a few other jobs that pose a significant threat through more common workplace injuries. Dockyards and Ports With tight spaces, dangerous …Read More

  2. Finding The Best Chiropractor New Orleans Can Offer

    What To Do When Finding A New Chiropractor While there are plenty of reasons why someone would want to see a chiropractor, that doesn’t mean they should ever settle for any practitioner and call it a day. For long-term relief, you should look for someone who is sure to represent the kind of quality chiropractor New Orleans can offer. Helping you out with daily pain and discomfort should always t…Read More

  3. Common Workplace Injuries

    Over 12,500 people suffer from workplace injuries in the United States every day. While this number is extremely unsettling, it mostly shows that a workplace injury could happen to anyone at any time. When it comes to the average 9-5 job, the most common workplace injuries include: Overexertion Injuries from overexertion occur mainly from carrying, pulling, lifting, and throwing heavy objects. Whi…Read More

  4. Qualifying for Louisiana Workers Compensation

    On average, there are more than 20,000 workplace injuries per day. This adds up to approximately 8 million injuries per year, losing an average of 7.2 work days per case. Though not every injury is fatal or long-lasting, anything that could risk hindering a work schedule can be a serious threat. Without a regular paycheck, employees and their families are sure to suffer from something that can be …Read More

  5. Workplace injury

    A Workplace Injury Could Land in a New Orleans Chiropractic Clinic for Pain Management Therapy

      "It is better to be careful 100 times than to get killed once." This quote from Mark Twain holds very true to those in the workforce who are at risk of injuries. Consider this little fact: 80 percent of all workplace accidents are ultimately the fault of the person involved in the incident. What does this tell us? It tells us that workers aren't being careful and taking the proper precautions t…Read More

  6. New Orleans chiropractic office

    Some Workplace Injuries Could Land You in Your New Orleans Chiropractic Office for Physical Therapy

    Depending on where you work and what you do for a living, there are a variety of hazards you might face. As a chef, you are subject to burns and cuts and as a construction worker, you could fall from a ladder or hurt your back lifting a heavy object. And while many workplace injuries are rather benign and don't require treatment, some could land you in your New Orleans chiropractic office for phys…Read More

  7. LA Health Solutions blog pic

    Your New Orleans Chiropractor Encourages You to Experience All That Nature has to Offer

    It doesn't take a neuroscientist with people hooked up to brain scanners to know that we all benefit from spending time outdoors. Being outdoors is good for you, a whole lot better than sitting on your couch binging on Netflix. As humans, we are drawn to nature, we feel better when we spend time in gardens, forests or parks. We have a desire to connect with nature, be as one with the birds, trees …Read More

  8. Stay Fit After The Age Of Fifty

    Your New Orleans Pain Management Clinic has a Few Ways in Which People Over 50 Can Stay Fit

    Life priorities change by the time you hit the age of 50. At this age, you have years of personal and professional pursuits behind you and most of you desire a life that is slower and easier. This means that physical fitness is often neglected. You see, at this age, it's all too tempting to have a pizza or moo shu chicken delivered to your door than to walk to the local market or to take a break f…Read More

  9. Physical Therapy for home accidents

    New Orleans Residents Might Need Physical Therapy if They Fall from a Ladder

    Home improvement accidents send thousands of New Orleans residents to the emergency room every year, many of whom will need physical therapy to properly heal. This is a number that has increased dramatically over the years as more and more homeowners want to save money by doing repairs and restorations themselves. While fixing your own leaking pipes and replacing old light fixtures on your own…Read More

  10. New Orleans chiropractic care 2

    Reasons Why You Should Seek Regular Chiropractic Care at Your New Orleans Chiropractic Clinic

    There are any number of reasons why you should seek regular chiropractic care at your New Orleans chiropractic clinic. Whether you want to relieve headaches or lower back pain, there are a number of ways chiropractic care can benefit your overall health. When you take care of your spine, you are taking care of yo9ur entire nervous system. When your nervous system is properly functioning, your e…Read More