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Lower back pain is one of the most common chronic conditions affecting Americans. More than 805 of us have it at least once in our life with more women suffering from chronic back pain than men. Elders are more susceptible to back pain than younger adults or children. LA Health Solutions has an experienced team of chiropractic professionals that have seen an array of back problems and has treated them effectively with chiropractic care.

The bones and muscles in your back are always hard at work to keep you upright and serve as pivot points for everything from running to grabbing the pen that you’ve dropped on the floor. However, there are many common ways to hurt your back and knowing the following can help you prevent major back pain.

Being Too dependent on Your Smartphone

Today’s heavily connected lifestyle is creating problems with more aches and pains in shoulders, necks, and backs. The research about the impact on our poor postures because of the mobile device is undeniable. Try to limit the time that you spend on any hand-held electronic device to no more than 15 minutes without a break. Also, try focusing on standing up straight while you use it.

Using the same Pillow for Countless Years

Believe it or not, many people hardly ever change their pillow because they become dependent on their specific comforting pillow. A pillow is designed to have a four to five-year lifespan. After that, it loses its support and contributes to bad posture while sleeping. It’s best to get a new pillow and swap pillows often. Doing so also reduces insomnia.

Wearing unsupportive shoes

High heels put an immense amount of pressure on your lower back because your calf muscles are working extra hard to keep your center of gravity balanced. Flip-Flops or sandals provide almost no arch support. This means they’re doing nothing to help the alignment in your lower back, knees, and feet. Try swapping your shoes throughout the day and wear your heels only for important meetings.

If you are experiencing back pain of any kind, New Orleans East, Slidell, Metairie, and Uptown chiropractors at LA Health Solutions are waiting to help you feel your best again. Life is so much better when you can stand tall without pain.  

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  1. Samantha Greenwood

    Who knew being on my phone could cause back pain? I am glad to know there are simple ways to help my back pain!

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